A major project has been underway at Neuman’s studio. Art conservators Liza Leto Fulton and Cristina Morilla have been cleaning and restoring one of Bob’s biggest paintings, Pedazos del Mundo #35.

This monumental painting recently sold for a record amount and Fulton and Morilla have been preparing it for delivery to the collector who purchased it.

Completed in 1966, Pedazos del Mundo #35 is from a particularly notable time in Neuman’s career. The consecutive paintings from this period are in museum collections: Pedazos del Mundo #34 is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Pedazos del Mundo #36 is at the Worcester Art Museum

Fulton is an expert art conservator who has worked with several major museums including the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Her associate Morilla is a conservator at the Harvard Art Museums.

Fulton has worked on numerous paintings by Neuman over the years and is the expert on his painting techniques. We recommend Liza Leto Fulton for any conservation projects involving Neuman’s works.

The conservation process has made a dramatic difference. The conservators’ care and attention to detail have removed decades worth of surface grime from the painting, revealing the brilliant colors that Neuman originally put to canvas.

Pedazos del Mundo #35 is part of Neuman’s long-running Pedazos del Mundo series. These paintings celebrate the cultural differences in our world through collage-like melanges of vibrantly colored abstract forms encased in circles or sometimes spilling out of them.

Pedazos del Mundo translates to “Pieces of the World”, the title of the documentary about Neuman’s life and art completed earlier this year. If you’re interested in viewing the film, contact Christina Godfrey at for a link to watch it online.

Pedazdos del Mundo No. 35, 1966, oil on canvas, 108 x 72 in